Fundamentals First Academy’s goal is to bring educational resources and athletic opportunities to under served youth in the San Francisco Area. Through extensive academic tutoring and quality athletic training programs, Fundamentals First Academy hopes to close the academic gap in the identified youth to that of their peers, ensuring success as they reach high school and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to give each member of the FF Academy team the tools to reach their maximum potential, while becoming successful and productive members of society.


Originally founded in 2007 for the purpose of teaching kids the proper fundamentals of basketball, Fundamentals First, LLC has evolved into Fundamentals First Academy, which uses basketball as a means to teach children the basics needed to be successful, not only in basketball but in life in general.

As our mottos states, Master the Fundamentals and the rest is just a game, certainly applies to basketball but also to anything one aspires to in life.

Along with the traditional camps and youth leagues that are offered, FF Academy has begun forming teams to train and compete in various local tournaments throughout the year. Using basketball as a means, the goal of FF Academy teams is to provide disadvantaged youth quality basketball instruction but more importantly academic tutoring that will enhance their skills to prepare them for the rigors of a college preparatory education and beyond.

FF Academy will provide the members of the various FF Academy teams’ access to computer labs, libraries, tutors and mentors. Each student who participates on a FF Academy team will be screened to determine their academic areas in which greater emphasis must be applied to ensure they are able to achieve success at their respective grade level. FF Academy will monitor student progress to ensure success.

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