Fundamentals First Academy offers a variety of camps throughout the year for children grades K - 8.

FFA offers these camps in Davis and San Francisco.

Additionally, FFA offers one-on-one and small group training for
children grades K - 12 upon request.

Our focus is simple, have fun and work hard!

San Francisco Camps

K - 2 Instructional League

Fundamentals First is excited to offer an Instructional League for children in grades K-2!

Since 2009 FFA has provided a safe and nurturing environment for boys and girls grades K-2. The goal of the Instructional League is to give children a positive basketball experience and help the children learn the fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship.



All games begin with drills followed by gameplay (K - 20 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of play, First Grade - 15 minutes of drills and 35 minutes for the game, Second Grade - 10 minutes of drills and 40 minutes for the game).

Each team plays eight games. Games are Sundays and run 50 minutes long. Game times vary from week to week, but teams can request to play within a specific timeframe to accommodate other obligations. There are no separate practice days.



Each team must have a minimum of 8 players. A maximum of 10 players is highly encouraged for sufficient playing time for each child but is not limited to this number.

If a group does not have enough to make up a team, FFA will group them with other children looking for a couple or with children who sign up for the league as an individual.

Teams do not have to have a coach for on-court instruction. Our staff will be happy to with the children. A bench coach is required for all teams to manage the children that are not in the game 



The FFA staff is there to assist in whatever manner. We provide FFA staff as 'referees" and coaches on the court for each team.

The majority of the staff are current or former high school or college level players and coaches.



FFA utilizes school gyms in San Francisco. Primary facilities include Archbishop Riordan High School and St. Stephen School gymnasiums. The gyms are less than a mile from one another.

Master the Fundamentals and the rest is just a game

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